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We connect people that are struggling with a variety of addiction disorders with the best care centers in their local area.

The centers that we work with have fantastic clinical teams. Our pledge is to provide access to qualified treatment centers, and give hope to those who have lost hope. In this endeavor, our passion is to match people who are struggling with addiction, with a qualified center based on their needs. Our team understands that addiction is a disease that needs to be treated with a tailored approach. Every individual is different, and the type of plan that works best for them will be discussed. Our partner treatment centers consider your prior history, locality, and financial situation to recommend the absolute best treatments.

Our links to world-class facilities will help to ensure your long-term recovery and allow you to have the best possible experience. USA rehab center has links with researchers, journalists, addiction counselors, therapists, treatment advocates, and many other professionals. We work with a fact-based approach, and every recommendation we make is based on the latest health advice. Our team considers ourselves to be at the forefront of mental health studies, and we are constantly looking to improve the service that we provide to addicted individuals.

Types of addictions

There are many addictive substances in circulation, and the vast majority can be classified as drugs. The main types of drugs are stimulants, opiates, sleeping pills, illegal drugs, benzodiazepines, and alcohol. The effects can vary tremendously, and some drugs are easily available, whereas others may be illegal. It is also possible to become addicted to medication that was prescribed to you for pain relief.

Benzodiazepines, also known as Benzos, are usually prescribed to treat mental disorders such as anxiety. However, they are known to cause dependency, and withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Therefore, they are usually prescribed for the short-term, but it is easy to get addicted to them. The treatment plan for waning off Benzos involves CBD therapy that is designed to cut off the mental dependency.

Alcohol is a substance that is consumed by a large portion of society. It is a social drink that lowers inhibitions and reduces anxiety. It is a central nervous stimulant, which means it slows down your reactions and mental processes. Hard liquor, beer, and wine are types of alcoholic drinks, and they all carry a risk of addiction.

It is easier than you might think to develop an addiction to alcohol. An alcohol addiction can negatively impact many facets of a person’s life. Even social drinking can quickly lead to an unhealthy habit. Beer is frequently consumed by Americans at social events, and most do not have problems. However, some people continue to drink when everyone else has stopped or feel the need to drink for most activities.

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Drugs Addiction:

Illegal drugs can include cocaine, heroin, and meth. These drugs can have a profound effect on the body, and they can quickly become addictive. Moreover, these substances can often be laced with other substances such as Fentanyl, which can be extremely dangerous. We have links to world-class rehab centers that help users achieve full sobriety from these substances.

Opiates are used to treat pain, and many people become addicted after being prescribed. Withdrawal symptoms can be harsh, and our partner recovery centers help users overcome this addiction and enter a treatment program that minimizes the risk of relapse.

Sleeping pills and stimulants are widely available. For both, a tolerance can build quickly, which leads to a vicious cycle where a user needs to take more. Our partner medical detox centers have the facilities and treatments needed to break this cycle and for users to let go of the dependency that they may build.

Alchohol Addition:

Because of how common drinking is, the lines between social drinking and problem drinking can become blurred. Those with a severe problem may feel as though they cannot start the day unless they have had a drink. Some individuals can develop a habit of binge drinking. This is where they drink a large amount in a short space of time. It often leaves them blacked out. Binge drinkers with an addiction may simply be powerless to stop themselves. They need professional therapy and a rehab clinic that will help them out of the hole. We have seen firsthand how alcohol addiction can break-up families and ruin lives. It can cause physical harm, impact on work, and lead to financial difficulties. Our team works with the finest treatment centers to improve lives and to help addicted individuals get back on their feet. A dedicated treatment center has the resources and support groups that a person needs for a full recovery.


There are a variety of treatment options for individuals that are struggling with addiction. Seeking help is the first part of their journey to recovery. The goal of all treatment programs is to aid a lasting recovery, remove dependence on the substance, and restore the overall well-being of the individual. This is done through a tailored treatment plan that utilizes the latest scientific evidence and considers the specific needs of the individual.

Treatment options can include a detox program, an inpatient/outpatient facility, therapy sessions, support sessions, and rehab. The specific treatment for you will depend on how severe your addiction is and what phase you are in. Once initial treatment is finished, it may still be recommended for an individual to attend support sessions to ensure that their recovery is long-lasting. Recovery requires plenty of willpower and self-discipline, but most importantly it requires a support network. We work with rehab centers that have professionally trained staff who are highly personably. Individuals can also build strong bonds with others who are in the same situation as them.

The various options for therapy at our partner rehab centers are based on the latest cutting-edge research. They can include biofeedback therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, experiential therapy, holistic therapy, and motivational enhancement therapy. Once the initial program of therapy is finished, an individual is able to attend support groups that help to guide them through long-term recovery.

We only recommend rehab centers which are nationally recognized and those that are well known for having an exceptional record in helping addicted individuals recover and return to their lives. We choose centers that go above and beyond to deliver excellence, and our standards are extremely high.

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